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Overcoming Feelings Of Helplessness

by Byron Branfield

Posted Apr 27th 2007,
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We all come across feelings of helplessness to some degree or another sometime during our life, this is fine as long as we get back on track and overcome these feelings. However for some, feelings of helplessness set in and begin to affect our way of thinking and life. Here are some helpful tips to help you understand those feelings of helplessness and how to overcome them.

  • Begin by identifying the problems, fears, issues and obstacles which make you feel helpless and try to discover why they make you feel this way
  • Work on ways that encourage you to take on new beliefs that you can be independent, self-confident and are capable of dealing with anything that crops up in the future
  • Learn ways to deal with these feelings of helplessness when they crop up
  • Practice ways to deal with conflicts and problem solving when they arise
  • If you have relapse and begin to doubt again remember that this is only normal and pick back up from where you left off
  • Whatever the success however small be sure to reward yourself
  • Realize that it will take time to change our feelings of helplessness so always strive towards your goals.
  • Donít aim for perfection all the time, no one is perfect we all make mistakes
  • Identify what you need to do to grow in the skills of self-coping, self-healing and self-confidence
  • Feelings of helplessness can cause us many problems in life, the longer you feel helpless, the less control you have over your own life; here are some common experiences that occur through helplessness.

    • You begin to feel that no matter what you do or how hard you try you cannot succeed in life
    • You become over dependant on others around you to help you overcome your problems
    • You see yourself as totally incompetent
    • You develop a deep seated fear that you are unable to handle a situation
    • You become miserable, unhappy in life and depression sets in
    • You think of yourself as a victim that always needs rescuing from situations
    • You have a pessimistic outlook on life in general
    • Your are afraid others see you as being frail and weak
    • You become despondent because you run out of people who are willing to look after you by solving your problems
    • You resign yourself to the fact that you will always be helpless, that you cannot possibly change

    There are many ways you can help yourself overcome these feelings, the important thing to remember is that you are not alone and you can take back control over your life and make important decisions again to successfully solve your problems. All you need is to have faith in yourself and dig deep and find that faith and bring it to the surface. While we all have the ability to overcome our problems ourselves, it doesnít hurt to get advice from friends and relatives as long as you arenít relying on them totally to solve your problems for you.

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